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Wrap Bracelet - Garnet for 8" wrist

Wrap Bracelet - Garnet for 8" wrist

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Gemstones, leather, metal and glass are brought together to create wearable art that is both fashionable and healing.

To determine the optimum size, measure around your wrist with a little bit of extra to make it comfortable, and multiply that by three as this is one long bracelet that you wrap around your wrist three times.

garnets are commonly believed to aid in the healing of broken bonds of love. Garnets are also known to aid in the treatment of melancholy and depression, by acting as a heart and blood stimulant. Garnet is thought to be extremely beneficial in the realm of business. The stone can attract people to the wearer, which can help provide personal and business success. It is especially beneficial to people wanting to start home businesses.

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